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“Excellent platform that any HR team could have dreamed of, made the workflow so much easier and smoother. It is highly appreciated that they are listening to clients' needs and are actually doing something about it. If any concern arises, you can be sure the team reacts promptly”

Ursula Eleri Tammeka
HR Coordinator at Coolbet

One of the biggest challenges for hospitality businesses is managing a large number of contracts for different services such as supply agreements, vendor contracts, event agreements, and more. Avokaado CLM offers a centralized repository for all contracts, making it easy for businesses to keep track of their agreements and manage them efficiently. With Avokaado CLM, all contracts are stored in one secure and easily accessible location, ensuring that the business has a single source of truth for all its contracts.

Another important aspect of the hospitality industry is ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Avokaado CLM provides an integrated legal knowledge base that can help businesses keep track of their compliance obligations and ensure that they are met. This can help businesses avoid potential legal issues and minimize the risk of fines and penalties.

Avokaado CLM also offers real-time collaboration, allowing teams to work on contracts together and make changes in real-time. This feature is particularly useful for large hospitality businesses that need to manage a large number of contracts and collaborate with multiple teams. Avokaado CLM provides a secure and transparent platform for all contract-related activities, which helps to minimize the risk of errors and improves the efficiency of the process.

In addition, Avokaado CLM integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Pipedrive, allowing hospitality businesses to manage their contracts and customer data from a single platform. This integration helps businesses save time and effort, as they no longer have to switch between different systems to manage their contracts and customer data.

Finally, Avokaado CLM provides notifications and reminders for important agreement dates, such as renewal dates, expiration dates, and more. This helps businesses stay on top of their contracts and ensure that they are always up-to-date.

In conclusion, Avokaado CLM is a powerful tool that can help hospitality businesses streamline their contract management process, improve efficiency, and minimize the risk of legal and compliance issues. With its integrated legal knowledge base, real-time collaboration, and CRM integration, Avokaado CLM is the ideal solution for hospitality businesses looking to improve their bottom line.

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